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These puzzles are all themed around English language subjects – grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and so on. When you click on these links, the puzzle PDFs will download to your computer, and you can print them out.

Not sure whether you should be wasting your time solving word puzzles? Read our article on The Benefits of Puzzles first!

You have our permission to use these puzzles for non-commerical uses in the classroom, in a school publication, or at home, just so long as our copyright and web address are retained.


Word Searches

Word Search 1 — English Grammar (PDF)

Word Search 2 — Extra Hard Spelling Words 1 (PDF)

Word Search 3 — Double Letters (PDF)


Crossword 1 — Mostly Grammar (PDF)

Crossword 1 — Mostly Grammar (online version)

Crossword 2 — Treacherous Spelling Words (PDF)

Crossword 2 — Treacherous Spelling Words (online version)

This collection will keep on growing, so come back and see what new puzzles are on offer!

You can find the answers here.

NB: If you're using Internet Explorer to access the online crosswords, you may run into trouble getting the Java applet to work. If this happens, try using a different browser such as Firefox or Safari instead.



The DIctionary Game (vocabulary)

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