Improve Your Vocabulary: Colours – Blues and Greens

When you increase your vocabulary, it's easy to literally add colour to your writing and speech. The names of the basic colours are relatively easy, but how about some specialised colour names?

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Here's a big list of colour names that covers the blues and greens, along with what each shade or tint looks like, to help expand your vocabulary and brighten and enliven your writing and speech.

aquamarine aquamarine
azure azure
cerulean cerulean
cobalt cobalt
cornflower cornflower
cyan cyan
denim denim
midnight midnight blue
navy navy
periwinkle periwinkle
royal blue royal blue
sky blue sky blue
steel blue steel blue
turquoise turquoise
ultramarine ultramarine
emerald emerald
forest green forest green
jade jade
lime lime
malachite malachite
mint mint
olive olive
teal teal
verdigris verdigris
veridian viridian

To make it really easy to learn these words, simply copy and paste this list into Ultimate Vocabulary, and use its specialised features to help learn them!

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