Improve Your Vocabulary: Colours – Purples and Browns

Having a wide vocabulary means you can write more descriptively. Check out these lovely colourful words, and see if you can weave them into your spoken and written language. 

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Here's a big list of colour names that covers the purples and browns, along with what each shade or tint looks like, to help expand your vocabulary and brighten and enliven your writing and speech. 

amethyst amethyst
cerise cerise
fuchsia fuchsia
heliotrope heliotrope
indigo indigo
iris iris
lavender lavender
lilac lilac
midnight mauve
plum plum
violet violet
wisteria wisteria
auburn auburn
bronze bronze
burnt sienna burnt sienna
burnt umber burnt umber
copper copper
ecru ecru
fawn fawn
khaki khaki
ochre ochre
russet russet
rust rust
sepia sepia
sienna sienna
tan tan
taupe taupe
umber umber

To make it really easy to learn these words, simply copy and paste this list into Ultimate Vocabulary, and use the program's special functions to help you practise and learn them easily and quickly.

*Troy and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include Ultimate Vocabulary. We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse that software.


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