Widen Your Vocabulary

Widen your vocabulary by learning these weird and wonderful words. Some of these words are actually quite useful!

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abligurution, noun, extravagant spending on food and drink

aginate, verb, to sell small things

battologist, noun, someone who needlessly repeats the same thing

bubulcitate, verb, to cry like a cowboy

cumber-ground, noun, a useless occupant of a position; a waste of space

delassation, noun, fatigue, weariness

deuterogamist, noun, someone who marries twice

eustress, noun, good stress

gangrel, noun, a child just beginning to walk

gilly-gaupus, noun, a foolish or awkward person

gloze, noun, a comment, or note in the margin

halieutics, noun, the art or practice of fishing; a treatise on fishing

infucate, verb, to paint the face

jirble, verb, to spill a liquid by shaking or unsteady moving of the vessel; to pour out unsteadily

logomachy, noun, contention about words

magnolious, adjective, (slang) magnificent, splendid, large

nacket, noun, a small, cheeky, or artful boy

noceur, noun, someone who stays up late at night

scoteography, noun, the art of writing in the dark

spanghew, verb, to cause a toad or frog to fly into the air

upbigged, adjective, built-up

volacious, adjective, suitable, given to, flying

zoilist, noun, a carping critic

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