Improve Your Spelling With Mnemonics

Improve your spelling with mnemonics. A mnemonic is a technique for improving your memory. The best mnemonic is the mnemonic you invent yourself. Here are some mnemonics I have used to help me remember how to spell some commonly misspelt words.

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-able/-ible words. Usually, but by no means always, words that end in "-able" are "able" to be separated: eg, accept is able to separate from acceptable; but invinc cannot separate from invincible.

Academy is where you get educated

Accommodation is large enough to accommodate two cars and two motorbikes

Altar is a special table

Alter something to correct an error

Amendments can mend a problem

Anoint with an oil

Assassins are twice the ass

Awful acts are often unlawful

Calendars count the days

Cemetery makes me go Eee!

Complement complements or completes something

Cupboards house cups

Definite has something finite about it

Dependents put a dent in your wallet

Desert is barren and has only 1 "s" but dessert is so nice you have second helpings

Desserts is stressed spelt backwards

Disburse funds from the bursary

Embarrassment really reddens skin surfaces

Envelope. Include the e or you're a dope.

Existence ends eventually for everyone

Grammar is for A students. Spell grammar with an "e" and you will get an E!

Heroes stay on their toes

Independent candidates can make dents in election results

Kindergarten has no garden, but you may find morning tea

Liaisons need two eyes (Is) to liaise properly

Librarians are Libras

Loose. Tie your moose loose you goose.

Losing loses the extra o

Maintenance takes ten minutes and more

Misspell. Miss Pell never misspells.

Necessary. It is necessary to wear one collar and two socks.

Obedience or die!

Protein helps you grow to a great height

Quizzes require buzzers

Rhythm. Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move.

Separate has a rat in it

Stationary trains stay still at the station

Stationery. An envelope is a kind of stationery.

Supervisors give orders

Tenants. The ten ants are tenants in my garden.

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