Words That Sound Rude But Aren't

Some words sound rude but really are innocuous. Read this fun list of rude-sounding words and you might even discover a fun way of building your vocabulary.

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Aprosexia, noun, means an abnormal inability to concentrate one's attention. It has nothing to do with sexy aprons or with sex at all — unless, perhaps, sex is the reason you can't concentrate your attention ;)

Coxcomb, noun, is a foolish, conceited, showy person, vain of their accomplishments, appearance, or dress; a fop. I am tempted to use the word d*ckhead.

Decocting, verb, isn't male castration. It means boiling in water or other liquid so as to extract the soluble parts or principles of the substance.

Firkin, noun, is a small cask for liquids, fish, butter, etc. It's a firkin good word. But don't, whatever you do, confuse a firkin with a merkin.

Formicate, verb, means to crawl like ants. It has nothing to do with "fornicate" — unless you have a particularly kinky sex life.

Futtock, noun, isn't a fat buttock or a swear word. It is one of the middle timbers of the frame of a ship, between the floor and the top timbers.

Inspissate, verb, means to thicken, condense. So now you can inspissate your pee — er, "pea" — soup.

Lustration, noun, has nothing to do with lust, unless you're a priest who gets your kicks from purifying by religious rites, such as by ceremonial washing or sacrifice.

Macerate, verb, means to soften by steeping in a liquid. I macerated once but was told I'd go blind.

Nidificate, verb, means to make or build a nest. When you nidificate, make sure you don't foul your own nest.

Opisthenar, noun, is the back of the hand. The emphasis in pronunciation on "pis" makes this word sound a little crude, but only if, like me, you have a dirty mind.

Pandiculation, noun, is the act of stretching — your limbs and neck, as a sign of weariness.

Quakebuttock, noun, is an old word for coward. Perhaps cowards have shaky bottoms?

Repullulate, verb, does not mean to pull again; rather, it means to bud or sprout again.

Rhinocerotic, adjective, is not a sexual attraction to noses. It simply means pertaining to a rhinoceros.

Titular, adjective, might sound titillating, but really means that which exists or is such only in title or name, as distinct from real or actual; holding or bearing a title without exercising the functions implied by it; nominal.

Turdiform, adjective, means having the form or appearance of a thrush (a bird). (Tee-hee, "thrush" itself sounds a bit rude.)

Yanker, noun, has nothing to do with maceration. It means a big or "thumping" lie.


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