Common English Errors: Ante and Anti

ANTI and ANTE are both prefixes. They are added to the front of other words to create new words with new meanings. However, even though there is only one letter's difference between them, ANTI and ANTE have quite different meanings.

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ANTE- means "before, preceding". So ante-natal classes are classes you take BEFORE your baby is born. The ANTE- prefix forms words such as: antebellum (occurring before a particular war), antecedent, antechamber, antedate, antediluvian, and anterior.

ANTI- means "opposed to, against". So anti-natal classes would be classes "against babies" ... which sounds rather alarming! The ANTI- prefix is the prefix that forms words such as: anti-aircraft, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, antibody, anticlimactic, anticlockwise, antidote, antigen, antihero, antiperspirant, antipodean, antipathy, and antisocial.

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