Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations, Part 3

Here is the third instalment in the series on words for occupations and hobbies. Don't forget to check out the prequels, Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations and Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations, Part 2.

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comiconomenclaturist, a connoisseur of humorous names [I have collected a few of these real-life names myself, such as "Sue Ridge", "Bill Ding", "Gaye Priest", and "Richard Face"]

cruciverbalist, a person who compiles or solves crossword puzzles; a crossword enthusiast

cryptologist, an expert in or student of the science, study, or practice of encrypting and decrypting information

famulus, an attendant on a scholar or a magician

fugleman, a soldier especially expert and well drilled, formerly placed in front of a regiment or company as an example or model to the others in their exercise

poetaster, an inferior poet; a writer of poor or trashy verse; a mere versifier

proctologist, an expert or specialist in proctology, a branch of surgery or medicine that deals with diseases of the anus, rectum, and colon

queer plungers, 18th century confidence tricksters, who worked a faked rescue of a drowning man. "Queer plunger" applies both to the supposed drowning person and to the pretend rescuers. The rescuer would wangle a guinea from the humane society as a reward and the person who attempted "suicide" would also get a small sum.

satrap, a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour

thaumaturge, a worker of marvels or miracles; a wonder-worker


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