Expand Your Vocabulary: Extraordinary Words For Ordinary Things

I was tempted to call this article "How To Speak Like Mr Burns", a character from the popular cartoon The Simpsons. Because of his old-age and background, Mr Burns uses archaic words for commonplace things, such as velocitator and deceleratrix for accelerator and brake, autogyro for helicopter, and ahoy-hoy for hello. Here are some other words Mr Burns might use, or which you might use to sound posh when describing ordinary things, though I can't think why you'd want to use big words when simple words are usually better.

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autocthon, noun, an indigenous person, an aboriginal

caravanserai, noun, (loosely) a motel

cardialgia, noun, heartburn

counterpane, noun, a quilt

dactylogram, noun, a fingerprint

daffodowndilly, noun, a daffodil

decoction, noun, soup

decortiate, verb, peel

discalceate, adjective, bare-footed

equitation, noun, horse-riding

et hoc genus omne, phrase, etcetera

gramercy, interjection, thank you

megapod, adjective, large-footed

mucilage, noun, gum, glue

naupathia, noun, seasickness

odontalgia, noun, toothache

opisthenar, noun, back of the hand

procerity, noun, height

querimony, noun, complaint

steatopygous, adjective, fat-buttocked

yestreen, noun, yesterday evening

zori, plural noun, thongs (footwear)

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