Expand Your Vocabulary: More Posh Words For Everyday Things

Here is the sequel to Expand Your Vocabulary: Extraordinary Words for Ordinary Things. You can use this list of posh words to impress your friends when describing everyday things.

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anglophone, noun, someone who speaks English — eg, Troy's friend Joshua, who has just come back from the UK, is both an anglophile and an anglophone

arcipluvian, adjective, many-coloured, like a rainbow — eg, Debbie proudly displays her arcipluvian flag to support gay rights

cachinnate, verb, to laugh loudly or too much — eg, When Denise and Jenny get together, you can bet they will start cachinnating at any time

circumfuse, verb, to pour, diffuse, or spread around or about anything; surround or envelop as a fluid; to bathe — eg, When his friends circumfuse Troy with so much love, he gets a bit teary-eyed

commensal, noun, one of a company who eat at the same table, a mess-mate — eg, Catherine, Jones, and Dylbert are Troy's most common commensals at the local Chinese restaurant

encephalalgia, noun, headache (see also Improve Your Vocabulary: Medical Jargon) — eg, not even Troy's offer of a neck and head massage could relieve Catherine's encephalalgia

enchiridion, noun, a handbook or manual; a concise treatise serving as a guide or for reference — eg, Denise and Troy have written a brilliant enchiridion of alternative definitions and are just waiting for the right publisher to recognise how splendid their new book is

eumorphous, adjective, well-shaped — eg, With his trim physique and slender long lines, Troy's friend Chris is certainly very eumorphous

exoptable, adjective, to be desired or wished — eg, Chris is so eumorphous that he is one of the most exoptable people on Facebook

gerontocomium, noun, old men's home — eg, Unfortunately, Troy will be a long time in the gerontocomium before Chris becomes available

halieutics, noun, the art or practice of fishing — eg, Jones is an expert at halieutics yet he still won't venture out into the sea to go fishing

hebdomadal, adjective, weekly — eg, Troy dreads his hebdomadal outings to Church; they make him feel stabby

laevorotatory, adjective, rotating to the left; counter-clockwise — eg, Wendy has a new frottage technique, involving laevorotatory caresses around the nipples

languescent, adjective, growing faint, weak, or tired — eg, Compiling this list is taking so long that Troy has become too languescent to go out with Catherine

mendaciloquent, adjective, untruthful in speech; speaking lies — eg, If Debbie tells you Troy has stolen all her ideas, you will know she is being mendaciloquent

natatorium, noun, a swimming pool, especially an indoor one; a complex containing one or more such pools; an area of a sea, lake, etc, suitable for swimming — eg, Everyday, Troy's dad goes to the Belconnen natatorium. Goodness knows what germs he gets from sharing the same water as hundreds of other people! Thank goodness for chlorine.

nuncheon, noun, a drink taken in the afternoon; a light refreshment between meals; a snack — eg, As soon as Troy finishes this list, he will partake in a nuncheon so he feels less languescent

obambulate, verb, to walk about; to wander here and there — eg, Troy has been so busy working on this list that he hasn't had time to obambulate around Mount Rogers, where he usually takes his daily walk

oneirodynia, noun, disturbed sleep, including that in which nightmares and sleepwalking occur — eg, Debbie told Troy about the oneirodynia she experienced last night, involving a strange dream between Troy and his brother

osophagist, noun, a fastidious eater — eg, Because of Troy's gall stones, he has become quite the osophagist, which caused his commensals to cachinnate around the dinner table the other night

refocillation, noun, refreshment, reanimation, reinvigoration — eg, Troy hopes his nuncheon will help achieve refocillation by this evening

supernaculum, noun, a liquor to be drunk to the last drop; a wine of the highest quality; hence, anything excellent of its kind — eg, Andrew and Jess drink so much that they know all the supernaculums

tardigrade, noun, a person or thing that moves slowly — eg, Troy is so languescent that he is more tardigrade than his pet turtle on land

tiffin, verb and noun, to lunch, or any light meal — eg, Yay! Troy has only one more word to go before he can tiffin on his nuncheon

xenodochium, noun, a hostel, guest-house, especially in a monastery — eg, When Dylbert and Troy go to New York, they will be staying in a quality hotel, not some xenodochium

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