Writing Skills: Misused Idioms And Phrases

A misused phrase can damage your credibility. Here is a small selection of phrases and sayings that some people get wrong.

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Table: List of Misused Phrases
Wrong Right
acquiesce with acquiesce to
ad homonym ad hominem
all goes well augurs well
anchors away anchors aweigh
baited breath bated breath
batter an eyelid bat an eyelid
boom to the economy boon to the economy
card shark cardsharp
cheap at half the price cheap at twice the price
different than different from
escape goat scape goat
investigation into investigation of
meter out justice mete out justice
neither of them are neither of them is
once and a while once in a while
should of should have
slither of cake sliver of cake
something or rather something or other
splitting image spitting image

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