Writing Skills: Avoid Archaisms

It behoves good writers to avoid archaisms as much as possible. Archaisms are old-fashioned words that usually sound contrived or pretentious. Here are a few archaisms and some plain English alternatives you might want to think about.

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Table: List of Archaisms
Rather than... Try...
therewith with or with it
unto to
wherein how, in which, or in what way
whilst while
hereby now, by this, or delete
herein here or in this
heretofore so far, until now, or previously
the said the, this, that, these, etc
thereafter then, next, later, or afterwards
thereby by it, by that, because of this, etc
perchance perhaps or by chance
howsoever however
sans without
whereon on what or on which
oft-times often
contrariwise but, yet, still, rather, instead, not so, however, conversely, or on the contrary
whither where, wherever, to what place, or to what state

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