SAT Vocabulary List: Cs

Many students want to find good word lists for the SAT (formerly, the Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, now simply the SAT Reasoning Test or SAT), the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), and the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). These are admissions tests for colleges and graduate schools in the USA. Other countries have similar tests to the SAT. In our series on SAT word lists, we'll give you lists of words that you can study and learn for the SAT and other advanced level school exams. This SAT word list comprises 400 words starting with C. American spelling is used for all words.

The SAT, GRE, GMAT, and similar exams, test vocabulary because vocabulary correlates with intelligence: people with high intelligence  have good vocabularies. Thus, assessing your vocabulary is a good way of assessing your suitability for college and graduate studies. A good vocabulary is particularly important for the exams' sentence completion questions, the essay writing section, and reading comprehension questions.

The best SAT and GRE vocabulary word lists come with the popular vocabulary-learning software Ultimate Vocabulary. We recommend Ultimate Vocabulary because Ultimate Vocabulary provides a "meta" SAT vocabulary word list: the vocabulary software combines the SAT vocabulary word lists from the 8 best-selling word lists. Also, the SAT Exam or GRE versions of Ultimate Vocabulary are designed specifically to boost your scores in the SAT and GRE.

Go to Ultimate Vocabulary for more information. Click "For SAT Exam" or "For GRE Exam" from the top menu. Alternatively, copy and paste the words from the below SAT word list into your own custom word list, a feature that also comes with the standard Ultimate Vocabulary software.

cabal cabinet cacophony cajole
calamity camaraderie calculable callow
calumny cameo campaign candid
candor cant canvass capacious
capitulate caprice captive captivate
castigate catalyst cautious celebrate
century caricature carouse castigate
casual cataclysm catastrophe caucus
causal censor censorious centenary
cerebral certain challenge ceremonial
cessation chagrin chameleon chaos
characteristic characterize charlatan chasm
chasten chastise chivalry chronology
cipher circulate circumference circumlocution
circumscribe circumspect cite claimant
claimed clamorous clan clandestine
clangor clarify clarion classify
clearance clemency clement clique
clumsy cloying cohere collect
coagulate coalescence coalition coddle
codicil coerce coercion coercive
cogent cognate cognizant cohere
cohesion cohesive coincide coincidence
coincident collaborate collapse collapsible
colleague collective collector collegian
collide collier collision colloquial
colloquialism colloquy collusion commemorate
commentary commencement commingle commissariat
commission commitment committal commodity
commotion communication compassion compel
competition commute comparable comparative
comparison compass compensate competence
competent competitive complacent complaisance
complaisant complement complex compliant
complication complicity compliment component
comport composure comprehensible comprehension
comprehensive compress compressible compression
comprise compulsion compulsory compunction
compute concede conceit confiscate
conflate conceive concession conciliate
conciliatory conclusion compromise concern
condemn condition conclusive concord
concordance concur concurrence concurrent
concussion condensation condense condescend
condolence conduce conducive conductible
conduit conduct confectionery confederacy
confederate confer conferee confessor
confidant confide confidence confident
confinement confiscate conflagration confluence
conflict confluent confuse connection
consciousness conformable conformation conformity
confront congeal congenial congest
congregate coniferous conjecture conjoin
conjugate conjugation conjunction connive
connoisseur connote connubial conquer
consanguineous conscience conscientious conscious
conscript consecrate consecutive consensus
conservatism conservative consign consignee
consignor consistency console consequence
consider consolidate consist construct
consonance consonant consort conspicuous
conspirator conspire constable consternation
constituency constituent constrict consul
consulate consummate consumption consumptive
contagion contagious contaminate contemplate
contemporaneous contemporary contentment context
contract contemptible contemptuous contender
contestants contiguity contiguous continence
contingency contingent continuance continuation
continuity continuous contort contraband
contradiction contradictory contraposition contravene
contribution contributor contrary contribute
contrite contrivance controversial controvert
conundrum contrive control controller
contumacious contumacy contuse contusion
convalesce convene convenience converge
convergent conversant conversion convergence
convertible conversation conveyance convivial
corroborate conviction convolution convolve
convoy convulse convulsion copious
cornucopia corollary corporal corporate
corporeal corpulent corpuscle correlate
correlative correspondence corrigible corroborate
corroboration corrode corrosion corrosive
corruptible corruption cosmetic cosmography
cosmology cosmopolitan counteract counterbalance
counterfeit counterpart countervail courageous
course courser courage courtesy
covenant covert covey cower
coxswain crag cranium crass
craving credence credible credulous
creed crematory crisis criterion
critique critic critical criticism
criticize crucial cultural crusade
culinary cull culpable culprit
culvert cupidity curable curator
curiosity custom cursive cursory
curt curtail curtsy cynical
cynicism cynosure    

The best way to approach such a long list of SAT words is to copy and paste it into a vocabulary program, such as Ultimate Vocabulary, which will then automatically generate flash cards for you, and provide definitions. These sorts of programs have lots of ways of helping you to learn the words, including allowing you to mark ones that you've remembered, so you don't keep being drilled on them, and various ways of helping you practise the SAT word list.

*Troy and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include Ultimate Vocabulary. We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse that software.


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