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Software To Improve Your Writing: RightWriter (Review)

Regular readers of English Language Skills will know that we like the plain language software, StyleWriter by Editor Software. But, at $150, people have asked us to recommend a less expensive program for improving your writing. After reviewing the editing and writing software on the market, we are happy to recommend RightWriter. As with all grammar checkers and editing software, RightWriter has its limitations. But at only $29.95, RightWriter represents excellent value for money. Continue reading for our review of RightWriter.

Easy To Use

RightWriter is very easy to use. Just paste your text into a box and press "Analyze". RightWriter will then present its suggestions for improving your writing.

Provides Good Advice

RightWriter makes suggestions for improving your grammar and the readability of your text. RightWriter generally provides good advice. Among other things, RightWriter checks your writing for:

Nice Look And Feel

RightWriter has a simple look and feel. Its Courier New typeface gives the editing program a quaint, almost old-fashioned feel:


Limitations Are Minor

RightWriter provides advice based on the text you paste into the independent program. RightWriter does not integrate as an add-on with your word processor to make edits directly to your document. This might be considered a weakness or a strength. The makers of RightWriter consider it a strength:

  • "RightWriter does not alter your original documents. You do not have to worry about your original document being corrupted, important information being auto-replaced, wiping out formatting, or accidentally leaving correction notes in your document. RightWriter lets you choose what is changed and what is left alone...

    does not plug itself into other software on your computer. Let's face it, you know what happens when everything you install starts plugging code into all of your applications. Nothing works like it should. RightWriter was designed around the idea "Keep It Simple". There is no purpose in our program integrating with 20 programs when you use one for 99% of your writing. RightWriter is designed to work with ALL programs that edit text without adding itself as a button or putting code in your applications."

Other limitations we noticed include:

  • RightWriter does't seem to provide an "Ignore All" function, which means RightWriter repeats the same advice. 
  • There were some formatting problems when we copied formatted text into the RightWriter window. For example, "isn't" was rendered as "Isn’t".
  • On longer documents (around 100 pages), RightWriter took several minutes to analyse the document. But this is to be expected.

Easy To Try For Yourself

RightWriter has an online demo. RightWriter also comes with a guarantee: your writing will improve in 30 days or you get your money back. If you're not satisfied for any reason within 60 days of purchase, just contact RightWriter for a refund.

We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of StyleWriter and RightWriter because we are happy to endorse these editing programs.

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