Writing Skills: Misused Idioms And Phrases, Part 2

As we said in the first part of "Misused Idioms and Phrases", a misused word or phrase can damage your credibility as a writer or speaker. Here is another selection of phrases and sayings that you should take care to get right.

Tip: If you're serious about improving your writing, one of the best ways is to improve your vocabulary — not so you know how to use big words, but so you can choose the right word at the right time to convey your meaning precisely and simply. To improve your vocabulary, we highly recommend you try the popular vocabulary-improvement software called Ultimate Vocabulary. Click Ultimate Vocabulary for details.*

Table: List of Misused Phrases
Wrong Right
part in parcel part and parcel
partake in partake of
play it by year play it by ear
proof is in the pudding proof of the pudding is in the eating
sense of false security false sense of security
should have went should have gone
shutter to think shudder to think
stain glass stained glass
tender hooks tenterhooks
tie us over tide us over
tittering on the brink teetering on the brink
tow the line toe the line
unchartered territory uncharted territory
unloosen loosen
visa versa vice versa
vocal chords vocal cords
win fall windfall
without further adieu without further ado
world-renown world-renowned
worse-case scenario worst-case scenario


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