Writing Skills: Misused Idioms And Phrases, Part 3

Here are some more words and phrases that we have heard and read people confuse from time-to-time.

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Table: List of Misused Phrases
Wrong Right
picks fun at pokes fun at
in the mist of in the midst of
principle argument principal argument
trespassers will be persecuted trespassers will be prosecuted
gave me flack gave me flak
in the throws of in the throes of
hair-brained hare-brained
straight-laced strait-laced
less then less than
an antipathy for an antipathy to
escape goat scapegoat
I seen I saw or I have seen
better had should or ought to or had better
tortuous death torturous death
beckon call beck and call
further my nest feather my nest
in it's in its
eyes pealed eyes peeled
stick in my crawl stick in my craw
wet my appetite whet my appetite


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