Writing Skills: Real-Life English Bloopers

In previous lists of misused words and phrases, I listed some fairly common examples of words and phrases that people sometimes misuse. The following list of misused words and phrases is harder to believe, but these are genuine English mistakes, made by students and others. I have collected these misused words and phrases from several sources. Enjoy!

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Table: English Bloopers
What was written
What was meant
fire distinquisher fire extinguisher
pigment of my imagination figment of my imagination
wolf in cheap clothing wolf in sheep's clothing
extra-century perception extra-sensory perception
of great statue of great stature
wrote learning rote learning
accelerating experience exhilarating experience
general aesthetic general anaesthetic
painful aliment painful ailment
alliterate people illiterate people
ally fears allay fears
ascetic acid acetic acid
steep assent steep ascent
assume as as soon as
mine as well might as well
averse effect adverse effect
charity bizarre charity bazaar
bridal-saddle bridle-saddle
Church cannon Church canon
24 carrots 24 carats
social clicks social cliques


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