Writing Skills: More Real-Life English Bloopers

By popular demand, here is another list of real-life English bloopers, made by students, lawyers, and others. If you like this list of bloopers, then you may also like our other lists of misused words and phrases. Enjoy!

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In order to understand the humour in these bloopers, you need a good vocabulary and must know how to spell.

Table: English Bloopers
What was written
What was meant
anti-climatic anti-climactic
congenial defect congenital defect
sub-conscience sub-conscious
strike a cord strike a chord
cadet core cadet corps
Security Counsel Security Council
electric currants electric currents
currant vacancy current vacancy
delicate and demur delicate and demure
sensory depravation sensory deprivation
barren desserts barren deserts
dispersed funds disbursed funds
duel citizen dual citizen
elicit drugs illlicit drugs
exasperated the problem exacerbated the problem
exceeded to the throne acceded to the throne
ex-patriot expatriate
feeling badly feeling bad
flare for flair for
flaunting regulations flouting regulations
for all intensive purposes for all intents and purposes


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