GRE Study: Five-letter Words

Our third GRE word list comprises 5-letter words. Double-click on the word to learn its meaning. Learn these words for your GRE study.

A good vocabulary is particularly important for the GRE's verbal section, which consists of analogies, sentence completions, and reading comprehension passages.

The best GRE vocabulary word lists come with the popular vocabulary-learning software Ultimate Vocabulary. The GRE version of Ultimate Vocabulary is designed specifically to improve your GRE score.

Go to Ultimate Vocabulary for more information. Click "For GRE Exam" from the top menu.

Tip: Double-click the following GRE words to learn their meaning.

GRE Word List: 5-letter Words
abase abbot acrid addle
adept afire alder amity
amour anode arbor ardor
assay augur azure baize
befog belle braze brine
butte cabal canto caste
covey curio datum deign
deist dolor educe elegy
endue evert feint forby
forte frizz gaily gourd
hydra icily inure islet
junta licit liege lough
miter nomic oaken oakum
odium orate pique poesy
prate pudgy radix rapid
rondo sapid satyr skiff
stagy sylph tilth usury
vapid virtu    

Copy and paste this GRE word list into Ultimate Vocabulary, or use that software's in-built GRE word lists. The GRE vocabulary software will then automatically generate flash cards for you, provide definitions and examples, provide audio pronunciations, and use other proven techniques for improving your vocabulary for the GRE.

*Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include Ultimate Vocabulary. We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of the Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse this award-winning GRE vocabulary software.


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