GRE Study: Seven-letter Words

Our fifth GRE word list is a list of must-know 7-letter words. Double-click the word in the following GRE word list to learn the word's meaning and context. Study these words to help you to do well in the GRE.

A wide vocabulary and a deep vocabulary are important for the GRE's verbal section. The GRE verbal section includes analogy questions, sentence completions, and reading comprehension passages.

To do well in the GRE, try the popular vocabulary-improvement software Ultimate Vocabulary. The GRE version of Ultimate Vocabulary is designed specifically to help your GRE preparation.

Go to Ultimate Vocabulary for more information. Click "For GRE Exam" from the top menu.

Tip: Double-click the following GRE words to learn their meaning.

GRE Word List: 7-letter Words
acetate acidify actuate adulate
aggress aliment amatory aqueous
arraign assuage athirst athwart
auricle avidity baleful benison
bestrew bethink betimes bombast
boorish brazier brigand bromine
bulrush bulwark burgess burgher
burnish cadenza caitiff cantata
caprice carouse carrion cathode
cession chiffon clangor clarion
cloying codicil cognate collier
comport conduce contuse cornice
courser culvert cycloid dastard
decagon derrick detrude devilry
digraph diurnal doleful doublet
dragoon ductile durance duteous
ennoble epigram eugenic euphony
exigent expiate fatuous frizzle
furtive fusible garrote granary
haggard halcyon hillock hirsute
hydrous ingraft inveigh lacteal
laggard languid languor leonine
manumit maudlin mawkish mordant
mulatto naphtha obelisk obtrude
occlude peccant perfidy perigee
portend prelacy presage proctor
progeny prosody prudery purloin
quietus regnant retinue ripplet
rivulet rookery sapient sirocco
sophism spinous suasion subacid
suffuse swarthy tableau tutelar
unguent upbraid vegetal verdant
viceroy vocable wavelet winsome

Copy and paste this GRE word list into Ultimate Vocabulary, or use that software's in-built GRE word lists. The GRE vocabulary software will then automatically generate flash cards for you, provide definitions and examples of the GRE words, provide audio pronunciations, and use other proven techniques for preparing for the GRE.

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