GRE Study: Eight-letter Words

Our sixth GRE word list comprises must-know 8-letter words.  Study these words to help your GRE preparation. Double-click the words in the list to learn the words' meaning and context. If you need more help with your GRE preparation, then try our recommended GRE software.

To do well in the GRE, you need both a wide vocabulary and a deep vocabulary. A good vocabulary is important for the GRE's verbal section. The GRE verbal section includes analogy questions, sentence completion questions, and comprehension questions.

To help your preparation for the GRE, try some GRE software. In particular, consider purchasing the popular vocabulary-improvement software Ultimate Vocabulary. The GRE version of Ultimate Vocabulary is designed specifically to help your GRE preparation. Go to Ultimate Vocabulary for more information. Click "For GRE Exam" from the top menu.

Tip: Double-click the following GRE words to learn their meaning.

GRE Word List: 8-letter Words
abidance ablution abnegate abrogate
abstruse accouter accursed acerbity
adjutant aeronaut aerostat agrarian
alacrity alluvion ambulate annalist
antedate antilogy antiphon aperture
apostasy apposite arboreal asperity
assonant autarchy benefice bestride
bibulous braggart bronchus cabalism
cajolery captious chancery christen
clothier colloquy conferee convolve
coquette coxswain cupidity dendroid
deponent deviltry diatomic didactic
dilatory dissever distrain dolesome
dolorous encomium enervate entreaty
evanesce exegesis factious felicity
fiducial flection forepeak foresail
fungible furlough galvanic gamester
gendarme genitive gourmand hawthorn
hibernal huckster ichthyic illumine
inchmeal indicant indigent intromit
irrigant jugglery kerchief kingling
ligneous littoral metonymy monition
monitory monsieur moonbeam muleteer
necrosis negligee neocracy nihilist
obdurate oratorio ordnance osculate
palinode palliate paramour paroxysm
partible pellucid pervious picayune
pitiable polemics polyglot priggish
prurient puissant quadrate recreant
redolent requital ruminant sapience
sardonic sedulous seignior sibilate
sidelong sidereal sonorous superadd
taciturn thearchy tincture triumvir
unctuous underman usurious vincible
viscount vocative volitive  

Copy and paste this GRE word list into Ultimate Vocabulary's GRE preparation software, or use that software's in-built GRE word lists. The GRE vocabulary software will then generate flash cards, provide definitions and usage examples, provide real-life audio pronunciations, and use other proven techniques to help your preparation for the GRE.

*Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include Ultimate Vocabulary. We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of the Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse this award-winning GRE vocabulary software.


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