GRE Study: Nine-letter Words

Our seventh GRE word list is a list of must-know 9-letter words. The GRE list comes with some tips on how to remember the meanings of a lot of difficult words. Study these words and tips for your GRE prep. Double-click the words in the list to learn the words' meaning and context.

The following list of GRE words is quite a long list. The words are quite difficult. So, how do you remember such a long list of difficult words?

The two main techniques for remembering such a long list of GRE words are repetition and elaboration. Keep studying the words and their meanings by saying them, by writing them, and by using them. Use a full suite of learning techniques, such as flash cards, definition drills, and GRE practice tests. Hear the words pronounced. Read the words in example sentences. Use the words in sentences you create yourself. Incorporate the words into your daily conversations.

To really help your GRE prep, use some good GRE software. In particular, use the popular vocabulary-improvement software Ultimate Vocabulary. The GRE version of Ultimate Vocabulary is designed specifically to help your GRE prep. Go to Ultimate Vocabulary for more information. Click "For GRE Exam" from the top menu.

Tip: Double-click the following GRE words to learn their meaning.

GRE Word List: 9-letter Words
abominate adumbrate aesthetic alabaster
altercate ambrosial ampersand amplitude
anhydrous antipodes antiquary appellate
arboretum auricular barcarole barograph
bellicose benignant boatswain bumptious
callosity capacious chromatic clamorous
collegian conjugate connubial contumacy
corporeal cosmogony crematory decaliter
decameter defalcate demulcent demurrage
derisible desiccant desultory diphthong
disparate dissonant dogmatize ebullient
effluvium egregious emollient equitable
estimable exculpate execrable extempore
fanciless fugacious fulminate galvanism
grenadier harbinger hardihood heptarchy
herbarium heterodox illiberal impliable
importune incipient ineffable ingenuous
inherence intension intervale irascible
irruption itinerant laundress leviathan
lithesome lithotype lodestone macrocosm
matricide meliorate mendicant messieurs
miscreant mnemonics mobocracy monomania
noiseless nonpareil obsequies officious
olfactory panegyric pantheism parricide
pedagogue pendulous pentagram penurious
philately philology phonogram phonology
poetaster poignancy polyarchy polycracy
ponderous potentate prefatory privateer
proselyte pulmonary querulous quiescent
rapacious raptorial reclusory reliquary
repertory rigmarole sagacious sebaceous
sensorium sepulcher sequester sibilance
sinuosity somnolent stanchion stripling
syneresis termagant tremulous truculent
turpitude unisonant vainglory variegate
vendition veracious voracious zeitgeist

Copy and paste this GRE word list into Ultimate Vocabulary's GRE prep software, or use that software's in-built GRE word lists. The GRE prep software will then generate flash cards, provide definitions and usage examples, provide real-life audio pronunciations, and use other proven techniques to help your GRE prep.

*Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include Ultimate Vocabulary. We have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of the Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse this award-winning GRE vocabulary software.


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