Improve Your Vocabulary: Rhyming Words — B

If you're the type to shed a sincere tear when your clear beer appears, with a cheer from all near and dear, then you will enjoy this list of a few words that start with B, and just some of the words that rhyme with them! Learning about rhyming words (words that have similar sounding endings, generally) is a fun way to explore the English language and expand your vocabulary. It's interesting to see how despite such different spellings, these rhyming words still sound the same!

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babble bauble bubble cobble gobble marble pebble
back black crack kayak lilac rack snack
bacon beacon deacon falcon kitten oaken taken
baklava casbah chutzpa guffaw hurrah jigsaw pawpaw
ball brawl crawl Gaul menthol narwhal shawl
balloon baboon cartoon dune goon maroon Neptune
balm alm calm from palm qualm wigwam
bangle angle bungle dangle frugal giggle shingle
beach beech bleach each leech peach teach
beam cream dream esteem gleam regime supreme
beauty arty catty dainty haughty party witty
beer appear cheer dear fear sincere tear
before abhor bookstore floor ignore lore rapport
beg egg keg leg nutmeg peg renege
beguile aisle compile exile meanwhile nubile smile
belief brief chief grief leaf motif reef
bereft cleft deft heft left theft weft
betray away bouquet café decay fray parfait
beware affair care eclair flair swear tear
binge cringe fringe hinge impinge singe tinge
bizarre afar boudoir drawer guitar quasar star
bleak antique chic freak meek pique sleek
bliss amiss bodice hiss kiss miss princess
bloom assume costume doom perfume resume vacuum
blue accrue bamboo canoe fondue nephew queue
boast almost coast ghost host post toast
book brook hook look rook sook took
bough allow cow endow meow plough vow
bowl cajole extol hole knoll pole scroll
bribe ascribe describe gibe imbibe jibe tribe
brim dim grim gym limb swim trim
brocade afraid brigade cascade decade glade tirade
broke awoke choke evoke folk poke spoke
bronze croissants icons dawns lawns pawns swans
brush blush crush hush lush rush shush
buffoon attune cocoon festoon lagoon Neptune swoon
burn adjourn cavern fern modern Saturn tern
burp Antwerp chirp slurp twerp    
buzz cheeses craze fuzz kisses pizzas snooze
byte cite despite fright kite light trite

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