How To Read Faster And Retain Information

Although reading is still one of the most popular pastimes around the world, it is a sad truth that the vast majority of reading we do is not for fun but rather for functional purposes that sometimes take every last bit of enjoyment out of reading. You have to read reports, memos, and all sorts of other documents at work. You have to read book after book to pass exams at college or university. As such, reading is practical the vast majority of the time; but what if you could develop a technique that would help you to learn how to read faster and retain information in a much shorter period of time? That would free up time to spend doing something else as well as helping to cut out the boredom of functional reading.

Note: Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include the popular speed-reading software 7 Speed Reading.* This article was written by a freelance writer commissioned by eReflect software, the maker of 7 Speed Reading.

Mastering huge books is no easy feat. However, there are ways to read faster and retain information that will allow you to double or even triple your reading speed. No matter which of the several available techniques you ultimately learn to help you read faster, you will find that there are a few points you should take on board first if you want to not only read documents but also retain information.

The first tip is that you need to have a pretty good idea of just what you need to get from the book, memo, or document. It may be that you need a general idea of what it says or a specific piece of information. Either way, knowing your purpose will help you to get what you want and need from reading the material.

In addition to knowing what you want and need from any given document, there are technical skills that are required if you want to learn how to read faster and retain information. For example, you need to let go of any bad habits you have, which can be difficult to do. After all, are you able to identify any bad reading habits that you have? Do you even know what bad reading habits are?

There is a little good news here though — you do not actually need to know what bad reading habits are if you choose a comprehensive speed reading software package to help you learn how to speed read, such as 7 Speed Reading. 7 Speed Reading specifically incorporates tools and exercises that are designed to encourage you to eliminate bad habits without you even realizing it.

Reading faster and retaining information is no easy feat. It does require a little time and it does require effort. However, if you are prepared to put that time and effort in, then there is no reason why you cannot learn to speed read effectively. Investing in comprehensive speed reading software can certainly give you the ability to learn how to speed read without bad habits hindering you; there is no reason why you cannot be reading for pleasure again very soon.

*Denise and I have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of 7 Speed Reading software because we are happy to endorse this speed reading software.


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