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Do you want to improve your reading speed? There are several benefits if you learn how to speed read. You can not only absorb more information in a shorter period of time but also retain that knowledge to better effect, thus gaining an edge over your competition in the workplace, classroom, or anywhere else that requires you to study large amounts of information. There are a few basic tips that can increase your reading speed in a matter of weeks.

Note: Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include the popular speed-reading software 7 Speed Reading.* This article was written by a freelance writer commissioned by eReflect software, the maker of 7 Speed Reading.

The tips to improve your reading speed outlined below are no substitute for comprehensive and dedicated programs, such as the 7 Speed Reading software program. Instead, these tips are just a start. They can help you to reprogram your brain in the way you read.

First, avoid vocalizing the words when you read. Subvocalization is a bad reading habit. Many people do this subconsciously without realizing that they are doing it. You need to find out whether you do it or not and then eliminate the habit. If you follow a book or article and actively mime the words with your lips then your reading speed will slow down because your brain will keep pace with your lips. However, if you cease doing this, then you will find that you improve your reading speed quickly. Please bear in mind that it does take a conscious effort to eliminate subvocalization and it can be a frustrating process unlearning the habit.

In addition, you should train your mind to read not word-by-word but rather sentence-by-sentence. This might not immediately make sense, but when you start to take note of how you read you will soon notice whether or not you begin to linger over each individual word. If you do, then simply start by reading two words at a time before moving up to sentences and eventually chunks of text. Never go back and read any text — you should never need to. Re-reading, or regressions, slows your reading right down and will impede rather than improve your reading speed.

When you think you have improved your reading speed, test your comprehension by reading a passage in a newspaper or magazine and then try to write down the meaning of it, what it said, and the main message conveyed. You may not be successful at first, but with a little practice you will soon start to pick out the most important words and process them alone.

There is no better way to learn how to speed read than to choose software exercises that are designed specifically for that purpose, so you may also want to look into that possibility today.

*Denise and I have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of 7 Speed Reading software because we are happy to endorse this speed reading software.


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