Increase Your Vocabulary With Synonyms: Walk

Part of having a good vocabulary is discriminating carefully among your stock of words for the word that most precisely and succinctly conveys your intended meaning. To build your vocabulary, you should acquire a good stock of synonyms: words that are similar to each other but which have different shades of meaning. Knowing the synonyms’ different shades of meaning will help you choose the right word for the occasion. In this article, we look at the different shades of meaning of words to do with walking.

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The following vocabulary list is adapted from The Century Vocabulary Builder. The vocabulary list summarises the different meanings of words relating to walking.

Someone walks when they move along on foot with moderate speed.

You plod if you walk slowly and heavily, and perhaps monotonously or spiritlessly as well.

You trudge if you walk toilsomely and wearily, as though your feet are heavy.

You tread if your walk is suggestive of a certain lightness and caution—if, for instance, you seem half-uncertain whether to proceed and set one foot down carefully before the other.

You stride if you take long steps, especially in a firm, pompous, or lofty manner.

You stalk if there is a certain stiffness or haughtiness in your walking.

You strut if you walk with a proud or affectedly dignified gait, especially if you also raise your feet high.

You tramp if you go for a long walk, as for pleasure or enjoyment out-of-doors.

You march if you walk in a measured, ordered way, especially in company with others.

You pace if you engage in a measured, continuous walk, as from nervousness, impatience, or anger.

You toddle if your steps are short, uneven, and unsteady, like those of a child.

You waddle if your movement is ungainly, with a duck-like swaying from side to side.

You shuffle if you drag your feet with a scraping noise.

You mince if you take short steps in a prim, precise, or affectedly nice manner.

You stroll or saunter if you go along in an easy, aimless, or idle fashion.

You ramble if you wander about, with no definite aim or toward no definite goal.

You meander if you proceed slowly and perhaps listlessly in an ever-changing course, as if you are following the windings of the crooked Phrygian river, Meander.

You promenade if you walk in a public place, as for pleasure or display.

You prowl if you move about softly and stealthily, as in search of prey or booty.

You hobble if you jerk along unevenly, as from a stiff or crippled condition of body.

You limp if you walk lamely.

You perambulate when you walk through or around a place or area, perhaps for observation or inspection or leisure.

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