Exercises To Improve Your Vocabulary: B- and C-Words Synonyms

Here is a list of synonyms in groups. For each group of synonyms, work out the difference in meanings between the words in the group. Then use each word accurately in a sentence. If you’re unsure about a word’s meaning, double click the word and we’ll open a dictionary for you at the right place.

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This vocabulary list is adapted from The Century Vocabulary Builder.


Belittle, decry, depreciate, disparage.


Bind, secure, fetter, shackle, gyve.


Bit, jot, mite, particle, grain, atom, speck, mote, whit, iota, tittle, scintilla.


Bluff, blunt, outspoken, downright, brusk, curt, crusty.


Boast, brag, vaunt, vapor, gasconade.


Body, corpse, remains, relics, carcass, cadaver, corpus.


Bombastic, sophomoric, turgid, tumid, grandiose, grandiloquent, magniloquent.


Boorish, churlish, loutish, clownish, rustic, ill-bred.


Booty, plunder, loot, spoil.


Brittle, frangible, friable, fragile, crisp.


Building, edifice, structure, house.


Call, clamor, roar, scream, shout, shriek, vociferate, yell, halloo, whoop.


Calm, still, motionless, tranquil, serene, placid.


Care, concern, solicitude, anxiety.


Celebrate, commemorate, observe.


Charm, amulet, talisman.


Charm, enchant, fascinate, captivate, enrapture, bewitch, infatuate, enamor.


Cheat, defraud, swindle, dupe.


Choke, strangle, suffocate, stifle, throttle.


Choose, pick, select, cull, elect.


Coax, wheedle, cajole, tweedle, persuade, inveigle.


Color, hue, shade, tint, tinge, tincture.


Combine, unite, consolidate, merge, amalgamate, weld, incorporate, confederate.


Comfort, console, solace.


Complain, grumble, growl, murmur, repine, whine, croak.


Confirmed, habitual, inveterate, chronic.


Connect, join, link, couple, attach, unite.


Continual, continuous, unceasing, incessant, endless, uninterrupted, unremitting, constant, perpetual, perennial.


Contract, agreement, bargain, compact, covenant, stipulation.


Copy, duplicate, counterpart, likeness, reproduction, replica, facsimile.


Corrupt, depraved, perverted, vitiated.


Costly, expensive, dear.


Coterie, clique, cabal, circle, set, faction, party.


Critical, judicial, impartial, carping, caviling, captious, censorious.


Crooked, awry, askew.


Cross, fretful, peevish, petulant, pettish, irritable, irascible, angry.


Crowd, throng, horde, host, mass, multitude, press, jam, concourse.


Curious, inquisitive, prying, meddlesome.


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