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Build Your Vocabulary is an educational film from 1948. Although the film is old, the film still provides excellent advice on the importance of building a vocabulary and how to build a vocabulary. View the film Build Your Vocabulary below.

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"People can be interested in new ideas", the narrator explains in this film Build Your Vocabulary, but only if those ideas are articulated correctly.

In Build Your Vocabulary, Mr Willis embarrasses himself at a public meeting. He wants to argue his case, but he lacks the vocabulary he needs to convey his message properly. After the meeting, Willis gets depressed at home. Then his son Pete asks Willis to read Pete's essay. Willis is impressed with Pete's "explicitness". So Pete encourages Willis to keep a vocabulary notebook that includes the words' definitions, synonyms, and other forms of elaboration.

Willis finds building his vocabulary difficult, but ultimately his vocabulary-building pays and he impresses everyone at the next public meeting.

The film reminds us that "Build a vocabulary" is timeless advice.

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