Enlarge Your Vocabulary With Homonyms: A-B

Collecting homonyms (or homophones) is an excellent way to enlarge your vocabulary. Homonyms or homonymous words are words which, whether spelt alike or differently, sound the same but have different meanings; for example, a bow of a ribbon and an archer's bow; the bough of a tree and the bow of a ship. If you know the meaning of a given word, then collect homonyms for it, if you can. By associating the new homonymous words with a word your already know, you are more likely to remember the new word. And collecting and studying homonyms also improves your spelling (and is rather fun). In this article, the first in a series on homonyms, we collect homonyms for words that start with A and B.

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abstract, n. an abstract idea; abstract, n. a summary

aloud, with a loud voice; allowed, did allow

altar, of a church; alter, to change

bald, without hair; bawled, did bawl or cry out

ball, as in a football; ball, a dance; bawl, to cry out

band, a cord or tie; band, to unite; band, as in a music band; banned, prohibited

bank, of a river; bank, where money is kept

bar, a division in music; bar, to fasten; bar, the legal profession

bare, naked; bear, a wild beast; bear, to carry; bear, to bear fruit

bark, of a tree; bark, as a dog

bat, an animal; bat, a bat to play ball

beat, to punish; beat, as a pulse; beat, of a watchman or policeman; beet, a vegetable

berry, a small fruit; bury, to inter, to conceal

berth, a sleeping place in a ship; birth, coming into life

bight, a bay or inlet; bite, of the teeth

bill, the beak of a bird; bill, an account; bill, a proposed law in parliament

bit, of a bridle; bit, bitten; bit, a small piece

blinds, does blind; blinds, of windows

blue, a colour; blew, did blow

boar, a male swine; bore, to bear; bore, to drill a hole; bore, to make uninterested

board, a plank; board, as in chairman of the board; board, to board a vessel; bored, did bore; bored, pierced

bold, daring; bowled, did bowl

Borough, a town or village; borrow, to take or obtain as a loan; burrow, rabbit hole; burrow, to dig a hole in the earth

bound, a limit; bound, to leap; bound, did bind

boy, a male child; buoy, a floating mark; buoy, to buoy or keep up one's spirits

braid, to weave or plait; brayed, did bray

brake, did break; brake, of a car

bread, for food; bred, to breed

bridal, of a wedding; bridle, for a horse

brood, offspring; brewed, did brew; brood, to dwell with anxiety on a subject

brush, for the hair; brush, small trees and shrubs

buckle, to bend; buckle, to fasten

bull, an animal; bull, an edict of the Pope; bull, a blunder

buy, to purchase; bye, goodbye; by, near; by, through or with

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