Enlarge Your Vocabulary With Homonyms: C

Homonyms or homophones provide an excellent way to enlarge your vocabulary. You increase your vocabulary through "elaboration", which includes linking new information with information you already know. So if you associate new homonymous words with a word your already know, then you are more likely to remember the new word. In this next article in the series, we collect homonyms for words that start with C.

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calculus, algebraical analysis; calculus, stony concretion

calf, the young of a cow; calf, of the leg

can, to be able; can, a vessel for liquids

cannon, a gun; canon, of the church

canvas, coarse cloth; canvass, to solicit votes

cape, a head-land; cape, an article of dress

caper, to skip and jump; caper, a frolic; caper, a pickle

capital, of a State or nation; capital, excellent; capital punishment; capital, money, stocks; capital, of a column; capital letter

carat, a small weight; carrot, a vegetable; caret, a mark in writing

cause, a reason, a motive; caws, to cry like a crow

cede, to yield; seed, to sow

ceiling, of a room; sealing, as with wax, plaster, etc; sealing, killing seals; seeling, closing the eyes (of a falcon)

cell, of a prison; cell, of a honey bee; sell, to give for money

charge, a load or burden; charge, of cavalry; charge, to have charge or care of; charge, to accuse; charge, to impose a tax; charge, an explosive charge

chaste, pure; chased, did chase or pursue

check, to restrain; check, chequered; cheque, an order for money

chord, a group of musical notes; cord, a string

cite, to summon; cite, to quote; sight, the sense of seeing; sight, a view or scene; site, a place

clime, climate or region; climb, to mount or ascend

club, a heavy stick; club, one of the four suits of cards; club, an association

coarse, not fine; course, a race source; course, a dish in a meal; course, to run

colon, the large intestine; colon, a punctuation mark

comb, for the hair; comb, the crest of a rooster; comb, of honey

complement, the full number; compliment, to praise or congratulate

consonance, of sounds, of opinions; consonants, letters of the alphabet that are not vowels

contract, to shrink; contract, to enter into an agreement

copy, an imitation; copy, a model to be imitated

core, the heart of inner part; corps, a body of troops

counter, a table on which money is counted; counter, contrary; counter, for board games, card games, etc

counsel, to advise; counsel, a legal adviser; council, an assembly, a body for consultation

craft, a trade; craft, a small ship or vessel

crane, a bird; crane, an engine for raising weights

creak, to make a grating noise; creek, a small inlet of the sea

cricket, an insect; cricket, a sport

cross, emblem of Christianity; cross, annoyance; cross, to cross a road or river, etc

cue, a hint; cue, a billiard cue; queue, a line for waiting

cymbal, a musical instrument; symbol, a sign

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