Enlarge Your Vocabulary With Homonyms: D Words

Finding homonyms or homophones is one of the best ways to enlarge your vocabulary. Linking new information (ie the homonymous words) with old information (words your already know) helps you to retain the new information. In this article on homonyms, we have found homonyms for words that start with D.

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dam, a structure to confine water; damn, to condemn

Dane, a native of Denmark; deign, to condescend

date, a time; date, a fruit

dear, costly; dear, beloved; deer, an animal; dere, to hurt

deck, of a vessel; deck, to array or to embellish

decline, to become smaller, fewer, or less; decline, to refuse

deport, to transport; deport, behaviour

depository, a store; depositary, a store keeper

desert, what one deserves; desert, to run away; desert, a barren land; disert, eloquent

diet, food; diet, an assembly

discreet, reserved, reticent; discrete, separate, distinct

dissent, to differ in opinion; descent, downward slope; descent, lineage

dock, for vessels; dock, to cut off

does, plural of doe; doughs, plural of dough; doze, to slumber

drill, to drill a hole; drill, to drill recruits

drop, to fall; drop, of water, etc

duck, a water fowl; duck, to dip the head

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