Enlarge Your Vocabulary With Homonyms: E and F Words

Discover the power that homonyms or homophones can have in enlarging your vocabulary. Here, we list some homonyms for words that start with E and F.

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ear, the organ of hearing; ear, a spike of corn

earn, to gain; urn, a vessel

eight, a number; ate, to have eaten

elicit, to draw out; illicit, illegal

elude, to escape from; illude, to trick or deceive; allude, suggest

emerge, to rise out of; immerge, to plunge into

entertain, to amuse; entertain, to hold in the mind

exact, to extort; exact, precise

express, to utter words; express, to send off speedily

fag, to beat; fag, a drudge; fag, a knot or coarse part in cloth

fain, happily or gladly; fane, a temple or shrine; feign, to pretend

fall, to drop; fall, American for autumn

fast, firm; fast, quick; fast, abstinence from food

fate, destiny; fete, a festival

fawn, to flatter; fawn, a young deer; fawn, a colour

feat, a deed or exploit; feet, the plural of foot

fell, did fall; fell, to cut down

felt, did feel; felt, a material of which hats etc are made

figure, shape; figure, a statue; figure, a numerical character

file, a catalogue; file, a line or rank of soldiers; file, an instrument for rasping

fine, thin; fine, clear; fine, splendid; fine, payment as a penalty

flag, a piece of cloth used as an emblem; flag, to grow spiritless

flatter, smoother; flatter, to praise falsely

flea, an insect; flee, to run away

fleet, a number of ships; fleet, nimble

flew, fly; flue, a pipe

floe, large mass of floating ice; flow, to glide along smoothly

flush, of a toilet; flush, of the face; flush, of cards; flush, with money; flush, being on the same level

foil, to frustrate; foil, thin coat of tin

font, a basin for baptism; font, printing type

forge, to beat into shape with a hammer; forge, to fabricate

form, shape; form, a class; form, a kind of document

foul, dirty; fowl, a bird

founder, one who established; founder, to sink to the bottom; founder, to collapse

frays, quarrels; phrase, a sentence

freeze, formation of ice; frieze, an architectural term

fret, to grieve; fret, in architecture, ornamental raised wok

fritter, fry after cutting into small pieces; fritter, to waste

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