How To Use Homonyms To Improve Your Vocabulary: G Words You Didn't Know

Do you know what "glair" is (compare "glare")? What about a "goll"? What is a "glib"? If these are new words to you, then you can increase your vocabulary by associating these words with their homonyms (words that sound the same but which mean different things). Associating new information with old information is one of the best ways to remember and retain new knowledge. Consider the following homonyms for various G words to increase your vocabulary.

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gaff, a light spear used by fisherman; gaffe, a blunder

gait, manner of walking; gate, an entrance

gamble, to practise gambling; gambol, to frolic

gild, to cover with gold leaf; guild, a corporation

gilt, covered with gold leaf or gold paint; guilt, crime or wickedness

glair, the white of an egg; glare, dazzling light

glib, smooth; glib, thick mass of matted hair on the forehead and over the eyes

goal, objective or aim; goll, an old word for a hand

gord, a kind of false dice; gored, did gore

gorge, a narrow passage between hills; gorge, fill oneself with food

grace; mercy; grace, beauty; grace, to adorn

grain, of sand, salt, etc; grain, texture of cloth; grain, temper or constitution of the mind

grate, to rub against a rough surface; grate, grate of a window etc; great, large, grand

grave, to engrave; grave, for the dead; grave, to clean a ship's bottom

graze, to feed on grass; graze, to touch slightly

green, a colour; green, unripe; green, inexperienced

grizzly, somewhat grey; grizzly, a bear; grisly, hideous; gristly, consisting of gristle

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