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How do typing skills relate to spelling skills and to English language skills more broadly? And how can you improve your typing skills? Find out here.

In how many ways can you think good typing skills relate to good English language skills?

What Are Good Typing Skills?

To help you answer the question, let's define "good typing skills". The makers of the leading typing skills software, Ultimate Typing [now called Typesy], suggest good typing skills involve: 1. accurate typing; and 2. fast typing.

Good typing involves other elements, too (such as ergonomic typing), but let's just consider the first two elements of "good tying skills", in turn.

Bad Typing Can Mean Bad Spelling

Accurate typing is important because sloppy typing can mean sloppy spelling. And spell checkers will not always detect your spelling errors. For example, in your rush to type faster, let's say you skipped a letter in "immortality" and typed "immorality" instead. A spell checker will not detect the error because it recognizes "immorality" as a real word. Imagine the embarrassment if you said, in a eulogy, "His reputation will live in immorality" rather than "His reputation will live in immortality"!

More seriously, spelling and typographical errors can do your writing a lot of harm. This is because spelling errors damage your credibility. Spelling errors make people doubt your abilities. Spelling errors also suggest you're careless. Moreover, spelling errors distract readers from your message.

In my former profession, the law, I was always taught to make sure I eliminate misspellings and typographical errors because spelling and typographical errors in an otherwise competent written argument will make the judge go back to square one in evaluating my argument.

Spelling errors are easy to avoid; it's a shame to spoil an otherwise persuasive piece of writing with mistakes you can easily fix or avoid. So make sure you’re right not only with the big issues, such as analysis, but also with the so-called little issues, such as spelling. To do this, learning how to type properly and accurately can help.

Good Typing Can Help With The Big Things

As for the "big issues", such as analysis, good typing skills can help here as well. Remember that "good typing skills" involves speed as well as accuracy.

Consider the way you approach essay writing or article writing. Essay writing involves various mindsets at different stages. Sometimes, you want a critical mindset, such as when you're reviewing your work, evaluating your argument, and tidying up references, sentence construction, and spelling.

But at other times you want a much freer mindset, a more relaxed and expansionary mindset. At these times — usually near the beginning of your writing project — you're full of ideas, you jot ideas wildly, you think up the largest number of reasonable alternatives, and you generally think as creatively as possible. You're full of ideas and you want to get those ideas on to paper — or on to the computer screen — as fast as possible. That's when fast typing skills developed by Ultimate Typing can come in really handy.

Good Typing Has Benefits Beyond Just English Language Skills

There are lots of other reasons you should develop good typing skills. You can read a list of the benefits of good typing skills on the Ultimate Typing website. Those benefits include:

  • You save time
  • You can make more money
  • You can improve your health (for example, by avoiding RSI)
  • You can become a better socializer online
  • You will be seen as more tech-savvy
  • Lots more...

Ultimate Typing Review

I have tried Ultimate Typing myself and I can recommend the typing software.

I was brought-up on much more primitive typing tutor software, called simply "Typing Tutor" for the Commodore 64 computer. I can still visualize "Bill", the green-faced typing tutor (which looked more like a green hot water bottle than a real person!) By contrast, the innovative "EasyLearn" technology that Ultimate Typing uses makes a huge positive difference in the way I can learn to type properly. I thought I was a pretty good typist, but even Ultimate Typing's easy "asdf" finger exercises quickly showed me I have a lot more room for improvement.

If I were to have one minor criticism of Ultimate Typing, it would be a criticism about something the typing software doesn't have rather than anything the software does have: I sometimes found myself wanting to read the lessons rather than watch the video instructor give the lessons on video. I absorb material faster by reading the material than watching the material. However, people who learn visually or aurally will enjoy the videos. And the videos are just a tiny part of Ultimate Typing. The real advantage of Ultimate Typing comes not from the video instruction but from the interactive lessons and activities, which monitor and adapt to my progress.

The more I explored and tried Ultimate Typing, the more I enjoyed it and got value from it. My favorite part of Ultimate Typing comes near the end of the suite of methods and activities that come with the software for improving your typing, the typing games. By having fun with the typing games, I can improve my typing without even realizing I am doing so.


Nothing To Lose, Lots To Gain

The really, really good thing about Ultimate Typing is the guarantee. We're all used to by now the "100% money-back guarantee" that comes with online software. It's important to buy software that comes with the confidence of that guarantee. But Ultimate Typing goes even further. If Ultimate Typing doesn't match the claims it makes, then they will not only give you a full refund but also pay you $50 into your PayPal account!

That kind of guarantee shows the software's makers have immense confidence in Ultimate Typing. Having used Ultimate Typing, I can see why.

*I recommend only products that I have tried and tested. eReflect Software gave me a copy of Ultimate Typing to review and they paid Denise and me a small fee for our time. Denise and I also receive a commission from some sales of Ultimate Typing. We are happy to receive those commissions because we are pleased to endorse Ultimate Typing.



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