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Online debates can escalate quickly, especially on Facebook. In the rush to make our point, we search for a phrase that's on the tip of our tongue, and hurriedly type the punchy aphorism so our opponents might  quickly succumb to our erudition and wit. Only sometimes, we rush too fast; what seemed initially like the moment we would soar, turns out to be the moment we came down with a thud. When our opponent points out we've made an embarrassing blunder, our credibility (if we ever really had any) is shot. Here is a list of such moments; when in reaching for the knockout punch, the keyboard warrior reached too far...

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Table: Facebook Spelling Fails
What was written
What was meant
You really are a limited addition You really are a limited edition
I'm allowed to put my two scents in I'm allowed to put my two cents in
You're just a keyboard worrier! You're just a keyboard warrior!
You're no angle! You're no angel!
It's not just a pigment of my imagination! It's not just a figment of my imagination!
I'll go on a lamb and say... I'll go on a limb and say...
Your a wolf in cheap clothing You're a wolf in sheep's clothing
Maybe I have extra-century perception? Maybe I have extra-sensory perception?
He's actually an author of great statue He's actually an author of great stature
There's nothing wrong with wrote learning There's nothing wrong with rote learning
accelerating experience exhilarating experience
Muslins Muslims
I'd rather be pissed off, then pissed on I'd rather be pissed off than pissed on
Challenge excepted! Challenge accepted!
alliterate people illiterate people
ally fears allay fears
Nothing's to hard for a follower of God Nothing's too hard for a follower of God
You mine as well You might as well
averse effect adverse effect
Its not my fault I'm a perfectionist It's not my fault I'm a perfectionist
It's Church cannon It's Church canon
grammer Nazi grammar Nazi
24-carrot gold 24-carat gold
fragrant error flagrant error
social clicks social cliques
diebities diabetes
I'm not reliable to you I'm not liable to you
creepy courier creepy voyeur [in my defence, this was an autocorrect fail!]


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