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Usually, we steer away from posting English vocabulary bloopers from abroad — it's funnier when English trips up native English-language speakers. And people learning English as a second language might take offence to the perception we're poking fun at them. After all, how well would we fare learning a new language? However, the following list of Finnglish — mangled English from Finland — was sent to us in good faith and in good spirit. In the following examples, we're not laughing so much at the perpetuator of the English vocabulary mistake, as we are at the English language itself. English is a weird language that can easily get us confused. Enjoy these vocabulary bloopers in the spirit in which they're given, in good humour.

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The following is a list of genuine vocabulary mistakes that have appeared on restaurant menus in Finland. The list comes from  a larger list maintained by an ex-pat of Finland.

Table: Vocabulary Mistakes from Finland

What was written
What was meant

Shrimp and crap salad for two

Shrimp and crab salad for two

The cock is recommending today's beef

The cook is recommending today's beef

We can serve your steak with much blood, some blood, or well-done

We can serve your steak rare, medium-rare, or well-done

Ice cream with warm bear halves and toffee sauce

Ice cream with warm pear halves and toffee sauce

Mexican burrito with mutilated chicken meat and salsa

Mexican burrito with marinated chicken meat and salsa

Traditional Finnish pee soup

Traditional Finnish pea soup [pee means urine. Ew!]

Japanese guests can have traditional breakfast with stinky rice and fishes

Japanese guests can have traditional breakfast with sticky rice and fishes

Meat with sweat and sour sauce

Meat with sweet and sour sauce [sweat means perspiration] 

Tepid chicken salad with bread

Warm(?) chicken salad with bread


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