Improving Your Vocabulary: A Word a Day

In addition to using popular vocabulary-building software such as Ultimate Vocabulary, another great way to painlessly improve your vocabulary is to subscribe to one (or many!) of the free email "word a day" services provided by many of the dictionary web sites.

Note: Troy and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include the popular vocabulary-improvement software Ultimate Vocabulary.*

These emails come once a day, and each one will give you a generally less commonly used word to add to your vocabulary. The email includes a pronunciation guide, a definition, some examples of the word in use, and some etymological information too (the origins and development of the word over time).

Here is a short list of some of the more popular services out there; see which one you like and give it a try. The challenge we set for you is to use the daily word at least five times that day — that will really get the new word into your ever-growing vocabulary!

• > Word of the Day

• Merriam-Webster > Word of the Day

• Oxford English Dictionary >  Word of the Day (the subscription link is in the right-hand side bar)

• The Free Dictionary > Word of the Day

• Wordsmith > A.Word.A.Day

• > Word of the Day — this site also has Crosswords and  Semantic Scrambles based on the "Word of the Day" words for a given year. 

If you want to increase your vocabulary even more quickly, then try using the popular program Ultimate Vocabulary!

*Troy and I have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of the Ultimate Vocabulary software because we are happy to endorse that software.



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