Speed Reading: What Is Speed Reading?

What is speed reading? To understand speed reading, it helps to understand the different kinds of reading. Here are some thoughts about reading in general, and speed reading in particular.

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One kind of reading is scanning. For example, you might scan the pages of a phone directory for someone's name and phone number or scan the pages of a dictionary to find a word and its meaning. When you scan a text, you know precisely what you are looking for and you want to find that information quickly.

Another kind of reading is skim reading. When you skim read, you are after just the gist of the text. You might skim through a book or article quite quickly, looking at just the headings and topic sentences and perhaps even skipping irrelevant sections altogether.

Speed reading is concerned more with the third type of reading — reading for comprehension and retention. For this type of reading, you want to comprehend all, or at least most (probably no less than 80%), of what you read. And you want to remember what you have read, too.

So reading speed might be more properly called comprehension speed.

As to how to speed read, two of the main techniques are reducing sub-vocalization (the habit of saying the words to yourself as you read them) and reading text in chunks rather than as single words.

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