Speed Reading: Why Improve Your Reading Speed?

Previously, I talked about what is speed reading and how to read faster. In this article, I explain why improving your reading speed, and improving your reading skills generally, is important.

Note: Denise and I recommend only products that we have tried and tested. These include the popular speed-reading software 7 Speed Reading.*

First, improving your reading speed can improve your comprehension. In fact, as I wrote in What Is Speed Reading?, improving your reading speed really means improving your comprehension speed. Contrary to popular belief, comprehension may actually increase as your reading speed increases. This is because you do not read words as individual, discrete objects but rather as an entire clause or sentence or idea, which gives you a better understanding of context and the author's message.

Second, by reading faster you can read more. And by reading more, you increase your vocabulary. In turn, increasing your vocabulary helps you to read faster, read better, and read more. The relationship between reading and vocabulary is interdependent; one assists the other.

Third, the more you read and the better your comprehension, the better you become at concentration in general. Reading skills and better concentration have been shown to be linked.

Fourth, reading improves your overall communication skills. If you have a better grasp of language and better general knowledge, then you can talk confidently about a greater range of subjects and can choose the right word at the right time.

Fifth, the easier reading becomes, the more you enjoy reading. Reading can become a recreation, even a passion.

Reading speed and reading skills are maleable. You can improve your reading speed with speed reading courses and books on speed reading. An excellent way of improving your reading speed is with the popular speed-reading program 7 Speed Reading. I have used 7-Speed Reading myself and I have seen a marked increase in my own reading speed.

*Denise and I have agreed to receive a commission from some sales of 7 Speed Reading software because we are happy to endorse that software.


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