Improve Your Spelling: Plural Possessives

Ah possessives. The old "apostrophe s" problem, that trips so many people up. In my article on singular possessives, I explain what a possessive is (indicating ownership), and one very simple rule to follow. Pop over there to have a quick read, and I'll be waiting for you back here ...

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... OK, so you know what to do to show possession for a single thing. Add "apostrophe s", that's it. Easy peasy.

Sorry to say, but things get a tiny bit trickier with plural nouns. A plural noun simply means more than one. So for example, cat is a singular noun (there's only one cat), while cats is a plural noun (there are more than one cat, and a recipe for trouble). Plural nouns are often formed by adding an "s" or "es" to the singular form of the noun. Chair becomes chairs, grass becomes grasses, school becomes schools, glass becomes glasses.

There are two rules here, but they are quite easy to remember:

1) If the plural ends in "s", to make a possessive, just add an apostrophe. No extra "s" required:

  • governments' agendas
  • puppies' messes
  • patients' relief
  • ducks' noises

2) If the plural does not end in an "s", then add "apostrophe s":

  • women's memories
  • octopi's homes
  • men's health
  • geese's feathers

The majority of plural nouns end in 's', so Rule 1 is the main one you need to remember. To be a real spelling champ, keep Rule 2 up your sleeve, and impress all your friends!

Now, practise your possessives to get some practice in your newfound knowledge of possessives!


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