Improve Your Spelling: Possessives Practice

After you've read thorough my articles on Singular Possessives, Plural Possessives, and Possessive Pronouns, you should be all set to answer these questions! In each instance, insert the correct possessive in the space.

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The answers are at the bottom of the page, but don't peek until you're done! The first one has been done for you as an example. Some questions have more than one right answer.

Possessives Practice

1. The head chef has a white hat. The head chef's hat.

2. The cake belongs to me. It is ___ cake.

3. The squirrels have an evil plan. The ______ evil plan.

4. My son Jake loves that toy truck. It is ___ toy truck.

5. The chihuahua belongs to Stacy. It is _____ chihuahua.

6. The college has many students. They are the _____ students.

7. The mountain has dangerous chasms. Be careful of _____ dangerous chasms.

8. All those people are angry. ____ anger.

9. The teapots have broken spouts. _____ broken spouts.

10. James has a collection of comic books. ____ comic books.

11. My husband and I have a swimming pool. It is ___ pool.

12. The photos by Ansel Adams. Ansel  _____ photos.

13. Lucy has colourful ribbons. They are _____ ribbons.

14. Sophie has a purple pen. It is ___ pen.

15. That bowl of curry belongs to you. It is _____ curry.

16. Paris has many attractions. ____ attractions.

17. The children have toys. They're the _____ toys.

18. Russ has a cuddly teddy bear. It is ___ teddy bear.

19. This duck belongs to you. It is ___ duck.

20. These cacti have sharp thorns. The ____ sharp thorns.

21. The chairs have red cushions. The ____ cushions.

22. That ant has antennae. They are ___ antennae.

23. Those ants all have antennae. The ____ antennae.

24. The meadow has flowers in it. The ____ flowers.

25. The shops have security systems. The ____ security systems.


1. chef's 2. my 3. squirrels' 4. Jake's or his 5. Stacy's or her 6. college's 7. Its or The mountain's 8. Their 9. Their or The teapots' 10. James's or His 11. our 12. Adams's 13. Her or Lucy's 14. her or Sophie's 15. yours 16. Paris's or Its 17. children's 18. Russ's or his 19. your 20. cacti's 21. chairs' 22. its 23. ants' 24. meadow's 25. shops'

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