Common English Errors: Breath and Breathe

It's amazing what one little letter – an "e" in this case – can do to a word. Breath and breathe are often misused, but they have quite different meanings.

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Breath is a noun (an object). It means an inhalation and exhalation of air from the lungs, or the air so drawn into and out of the lungs. As in Debbie drew in another breath. It is pronounced "bre-th".

Breathe is a verb (an action). It means the action of breathing, or blowing softly. As in "After the exam was over, Dylan could breathe a sigh of relief." It is pronounced "br-ee-th".

If you remember there's an "e" in "verb" and "breathe", it can help you to spell this word correctly.

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English Language Skills (Denise)

English Language Skills (Denise)

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