Here is the latest installment of words with  very specific meanings. You might want to check out our other lists: There's A Word For That and There's A Word For That (Part 2).

If you've ever asked "What is the word for ...?", then you might find the answer in this sequel to "There's A Word For That" — a fun list of words with very specific meanings.

Monday, 06 June 2011 03:23

More Rude Words That Aren't

Following the positive response to Words That Sound Rude But Aren't, here is another fun compilation of words that sound rude but are really quite innocuous.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 02:21

Expand Your Vocabulary: Funny Words

English has a great deal of downright silly-sounding words. You know what it's like when you have to repeatedly use one word over and over, it starts to look nonsensical and loses all meaning. These words, even though some are words we use often (awkward and skirt, for example), all sound funny. Well, they do to us anyway! We hope you enjoy this list as well. Try slipping a few of the more outlandish terms into your everyday conversation!

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