In my earlier article in 2012, I wrote about how the meaning of "marriage" is ever-changing. I foreshadowed one definition of "marriage" as an inherently flexible legal term of art that develops over time; and governments that make laws with respect to “marriage” can prescribe the unions to be regarded as “marriages”. Since then, the High Court of Australia in Cth v ACT [2013] HCA 55 has unaminously declared for all Australia the constitutional meaning of "marriage". It turns out that the meaning of "marriage" I foreshadowed in 2012 is the meaning the High Court has adopted. In the process, the High Court has traced the history of "marriage", has separated the Christian context of "marriage" from the secular context of "marriage", and has clarified the inequality that exists when the status of "marriage" is accorded to some people but not to others.

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