Monday, 09 September 2013 13:04

Old Words for Sex

We human beings, throughout history, seem to have gone out of our way to find different words for "sex". Why we use euphemisms at all is an interesting topic in itself; and why we use so many euphemisms for sexual intercourse is particularly interesting. Why do *you* think we use, and have used, such a variety of words for sex? Some of the words we use for sex sanitise and remove the sexual act into the abstract (such as "amorous congress" and "carnal knowing") while other euphemisms for sex are crude and straight to the point (as it were). Here is a list of just some of the olden day words people have used for sexual intercourse.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 00:58

Enlarge Your Vocabulary With Homonyms: C

Homonyms or homophones provide an excellent way to enlarge your vocabulary. You increase your vocabulary through "elaboration", which includes linking new information with information you already know. So if you associate new homonymous words with a word your already know, then you are more likely to remember the new word. In this next article in the series, we collect homonyms for words that start with C.

Monday, 11 June 2012 02:32

Increase Your Vocabulary: Proud

To increase your vocabulary, you should acquire a good stock of synonyms. In this article, we study synonyms for the word “proud”.

In how many senses can you "pay" someone? Here is a list of synonyms for “pay”, to help you to increase your vocabulary.

Improve your vocabulary by developing a good stock of synonyms. In this article, we look at synonyms for “look”, each with slightly different shades of meaning.

Part of having a good vocabulary is discriminating carefully among your stock of words for the word that most precisely and succinctly conveys your intended meaning. To build your vocabulary, you should acquire a good stock of synonyms: words that are similar to each other but which have different shades of meaning. Knowing the synonyms’ different shades of meaning will help you choose the right word for the occasion. In this article, we look at the different shades of meaning of words to do with walking.

Here is the third instalment in the series on words for occupations and hobbies. Don't forget to check out the prequels, Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations and Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations, Part 2.

Following the popularity of Increase Your Vocabulary: Hobbies and Occupations, here are some more specialist occupations and hobbies.

Increase your vocabulary by knowing these words for specialist occupations and hobbies.

A sound knowledge of prefixes can really help you to understand many more words, and to learn more words too! It's an effective and quick way to increase your vocabulary

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