Saturday, 05 December 2015 10:28

Finnglish: English vocabulary errors abroad

Usually, we steer away from posting English vocabulary bloopers from abroad — it's funnier when English trips up native English-language speakers. And people learning English as a second language might take offence to the perception we're poking fun at them. After all, how well would we fare learning a new language? However, the following list of Finnglish — mangled English from Finland — was sent to us in good faith and in good spirit. In the following examples, we're not laughing so much at the perpetuator of the English vocabulary mistake, as we are at the English language itself. English is a weird language that can easily get us confused. Enjoy these vocabulary bloopers in the spirit in which they're given, in good humour.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015 09:41

Facebook Grammar and Spelling Fails

Online debates can escalate quickly, especially on Facebook. In the rush to make our point, we search for a phrase that's on the tip of our tongue, and hurriedly type the punchy aphorism so our opponents might  quickly succumb to our erudition and wit. Only sometimes, we rush too fast; what seemed initially like the moment we would soar, turns out to be the moment we came down with a thud. When our opponent points out we've made an embarrassing blunder, our credibility (if we ever really had any) is shot. Here is a list of such moments; when in reaching for the knockout punch, the keyboard warrior reached too far...

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Sunday, 29 November 2015 01:06

How Doctor Who Improved My Vocabulary

To improve your vocabulary, a crucial technique is "elaboration" — for example, learning and using a new word in its context. Watching good television shows can provide the necessary context you need for learning new words. In this article, we take a look at five words the popular television show Doctor Who has helped children across the globe (and universe?) to learn and understand.

Thursday, 19 November 2015 01:32

The Vocabulary of Prisoner: Cell Block H

For the purposes of expanding your vocabulary, watching television gets a bad rap. But, occasionally, a tv show comes along that consistently introduces the audience to new words and sayings, even if those words are slang. One such tv show is the Australian cult-classic Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Learning synonyms will help you to expand your vocabulary. Learn these synonyms for "foretell".

The human race has felt such need to label certain recurring aspects of the face that people have invented certain words for those aspects. Of these words, the simple, inclusive word is face itself. Read on to discover synonyms for "face" that will help improve your vocabulary.

Continuing our series on synonyms that improve your vocabulary, today we look at synonyms for “ask”.

Improving your vocabulary involves acquiring a good stock of synonyms. Synonyms are words that are similar to each other but which have different shades of meaning. Knowing the synonyms’ different shades of meaning will help you choose the most apt word at the right time. In this article, we look at the different shades of meaning of words to do with laughter.

Saturday, 26 May 2012 01:07

How can I proofread my own essay?

The key word when it comes to ESL proofreading is consistency. Students are often unsure whether they are using the correct terms, but more often than not, as long as you keep things consistent, you will not go far wrong. Having said this, university departments and lecturers often have specific requests so be sure that you are aware of these.

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As an ESL student, you can improve academic tone in your writing very easily if you stick to a few simple principles. Some ESL students may feel as if they struggle with the tone of their writing, perhaps their vocabulary is limited, or perhaps they overcomplicate sentences. Follow these simple steps and you cannot go far wrong.

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