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We are committed to Australia’s 10 privacy principles. The main principles that apply to us are collection, use and disclosure, data quality, data security, openness, and access and correction.

1 Collection

We collect personal information only when we need that information to run our site. We collect personal information only through fair, lawful, and non-intrusive ways. You can get a copy of the information we have about you by emailing us. We collect the following information for the following purposes:

When you visit this site

When you visit this site, our service provider records your visit and logs the following information for statistical purposes: your server address, your top level domain name (for example, .com, .gov, .au, .uk), the date and time of your visit to this site, the pages you accessed, the link and search terms you used to find this site, and your browser. We use “cookies” to help you login the site without having to re-enter your details every time.

If you win a competition

If you win a competition, we will ask you for your full name, address, email address, and phone numbers. We will use these details to send you your prize.

2 Use and disclosure

We would use your personal information for a secondary purpose only if you consented to such use, or where you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information, or where we are required or authorised by law.

3 Data quality

The currency, accuracy, and completeness of the personal information we collect about you is limited only by the currency, accuracy, and completeness of the personal information you give us.

4 Data security

Access to your personal information is restricted to a handful of people who need access to the information to do their jobs. They, too, are committed to our privacy and security policies. If we no longer need your personal information, or if you withdraw your consent to our using your personal information, we will destroy or de-identify the personal information.

5 Access and correction

If you ask us, we will show you the information we have about you (we may ask you to supply reasonable proof of identity so that we know it is really you who is accessing the information). You can correct that information any time. The only exceptions are those exceptions under the privacy principles. In such exceptional cases, we will tell you why we have denied access or refused to correct the personal information, as the privacy principles require.

6 Openness

We explain our policies on managing personal information in documents such as this one, which we update on this site. If you have questions about the personal information we hold, the purposes for which we hold the information, and how we use, collect, and disclose that information, just email support @ english-language-skills.com.

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